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Culture is king and change acts as the pivotal force in building innovation and engaging sustainability in business.

There is a mjor work evolution taking place.  Let Dr. Martin guide you and your company on how to swim in the new ocean. 

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Beached Whale | Learning To Swim In The New Ocean | Best Business Books
The Sink | Radical Transformation With One Small Change | Best Business Books




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Dr. Daren Martin The Culture Architect is known for his work providing actionable steps to create high performing company cultures.


Referred to as the Bono of the business world, Daren brings an insightful, entertaining, and thought provoking perspectives on companies, leadership, management, achieving top performance, and life.




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Latest Episodes

054: Marketing in the New Ocean

Ted Hoffman, founder of FlyBrand and Jesse Greenberg Chief Strategy Officer, Ackerman McQueen join me for a conversation about what has changed and what has not changed about marketing in the New Ocean – otherwise known as 2017. Search Ted Hoffman FlyBrand CEO on Instagram or on the Web. Find Jesse Greenberg at


053: Big PHAT Goals – Dean Lindsay

Dean Lindsay talks about his soon to be released book Big PHAT Goals. Why do the most successful people set goals and what goes into making goals that you will actually accomplish? Antonio Valente rides “shotgun” on this fast paced and entertaining episode. Find Dean Lindsay at –

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