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As you may know, many companies, including Verisign, Helen of Troy, SpawGlass, St. David’s Foundation, PEC, HollyFrontier, and more, have bought this book in bulk for their leadership teams. A Company of Owners is becoming a leadership classic with growing teams like yours.
We are going into our third printing and wanted to give you the opportunity to place your bulk orders now. So many people have asked to purchase the book in bulk that we are working with the printer to guarantee you this one-time incredible deal.
Here are just a few ways you could use multiple copies of this book: 
  • Leadership tool for your management team 
  • Powerful book to impact all your employees. Because of the quick read, easily digestible nature of this book, it will be more likely to be read by every level of your organization creating a common language and set of ideas. 
  • As a lead generator for your company or as a thank you to existing clients.
  • These books can be easily stickered saying something like, “Provided courtesy of … Your Company”.

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Here’s what leaders are saying about A Company of Owners.

"I highly recommend this book to any manager or executive… you will pick up a ton of great ideas, practices and philosophies that will help you run a high-performance business".  
- Reggie Aggarwal, CEO/Founder CVent
“A Company of Owners is a business Bible that will impact your company and it's culture! It will move you to immediately begin to execute its many well-thought ideas and directives!”
- Mike Muhney, Co-Inventor of ACT! software

Daren Martin is a thought leader every CEO needs to know. As an Author, Daren is producing some of the most important books we have seen in a decade.
- Tammy Kling, OnFire Leadership Company

I deal with hundreds of businesses, many of them staffed with “employees.” Managers need to give way to leaders and leaders need to hire the “owner” mentality that Daren lays out. 
- Tyler Pierson, Sales Innovation, Insperity

“A Company of Owners” is an intentionally easy read that weaves many valuable nuggets of human nature, insights and statistics from a few key research studies, and refreshes key quotes from historical figures into the key themes behind creating an empowered culture of ownership behaviors that pays big dividends for companies and managers. Dr. Martin carefully makes sure the book goes well beyond recycling old saws to focus the reader on key questions and actions for each theme. That ensures that “A Company of Owners” becomes a tool to help advance a company and its organization,and cuts the risk that it becomes just another of the many well-intentioned books on management that can fail to enable positive change.” 
- Julien Mininberg CEO, Helen of Troy

My advice...
read it once fast and read it over and over again in small doses to truly reflect on the insights within. 
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This is an unsolicited letter from someone who works with heads of companies.

"I am blaming you for one of my TAB Board meetings yesterday running over its 4-hour time limit. Why, because I gave all of my members the book A Company of Owners for Christmas at our December Board meeting. 
Yesterday I started the meeting with the question of how many had read the book - the answer was 100% yes - so the next question I asked was are you doing anything different because of it and 1 HOUR later they finished sharing all of their actions they had taken in the last 30 days even though it was during the holidays. 
What is really significant is these guys are all 55 - 65 years of age and generally are not prone to change. Their companies range from $1 - $10 Million and 10 - 30 employees. That discussion also set the tone for a great board meeting even if it ran over the time. Next week I have 2 more board meetings and at the risk of running late I will start those meetings the same way. Thanks Daren."
John Meetz, President, The Alternative Board South Central Kansas

Do you want 2018 to be your best year? 

Do you want to increase employee engagement?

Do you want a team that increases your profitability?

When creating A Company of Owners it was my goal to help you create your best year. I want to see your company grow, and increase employee engagement, so you can increase your profitability, work satisfaction, and every other important metric for your company.

Bulk orders will be shipped directly to you from the printer in approximately 6 weeks from time of purchase.  

*Bonus #1. Receive 1 copy of Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean for every 25 copies of A Company of Owners you order.
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Here is what Pat Parsi Founder and President of the international brand Billy Jealousy said about Beached Whale.

"Watch out Seth Godin! With his third and best book, author Daren Martin lays the groundwork for companies to become more nimble,  proactive and ultimately more successful in these rapidly changing times. Using the analogy of a beached whale vs an unbeached whale, his books offers sharp, witty and perceptive insights for organizations large and small. A smart read. A fun read. A must read."
-Pat Parsi, President and Founder Billy Jealousy
*Bonus #2. All bulk orders will receive a brief video introduction to A Company of Owners from yours truly that can be shared with the company.
PS: In 2018 we will be releasing “Acting Like an Owner”, an in-house training run by certified leaders from your company.
If you have someone interested in the certification to lead this class at your company, please let us know. We will add them to the contact list.
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