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Architecting A Company of Owners | Company Culture By Design

The epidemic is running rampant. How do you tackle the ever growing spread of low engagement inside companies? How do you build a company, let alone a successful company, with employees that just don’t really care? With employees who seem to only care about paycheck? Has your company’s journey been worth it all this time?

Architecting A Company of Owners provides wisdom-filled instruction on how business owners and corporate leaders can rebuild the foundation of their company in evolutionary, powerful, and easy-to-follow steps, creating a company no longer made up of employees, but of fellow owners. Daren Martin reveals the steps it takes to build a company and workplace culture where everyone at the company acts like an owner. When your entire team acts like owners, incredible growth can occur at your company resulting in high employee satisfaction and engagement, the ability to attract and retain top talent, increase productivity and profitability, resulting in a true enterprise company and so much more.

Architecting a Company of Owners is Daren Martin’s follow-up to his Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book, A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement. Walking you through the four C’s of crafting an epic culture including Call it by the Right Name, Craft it, Caste it, and Cultivate it.

This enthralling strategic business management manual will be the elite ingredient for all businesses who no longer settle to just survive, but decide to thrive.

Elaborating on years of practical experience with companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small business enterprise “mom-and-pop” establishments, Dr. Martin shows once again with a delicate and impressive balance of sting and composure that he is The Culture Architect— capable of introducing changes to your organization’s design that will ripple throughout your company’s profit margin.

This book will wake you up to some uncomfortable truths about your organization’s behavior while providing the essential blueprints on how to rectify your organization’s culture and thus solidify your company’s foundation to the very core.

The visual layout drives the message home with power and punch, making the counsel easy to grasp and implement for seasoned culture advocates as well as novices who want to transform their company culture from the ground up. This lightning quick read and visually appealing format make it easy to digest in a short amount of time while providing a lifetime of insights on crafting the right company culture for your organization.

This book is full of edge, impact, humor, and lessons in and beyond the business world, guaranteed to jumpstart you and your company’s success. By the end of the read, you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing all this time and realize it’s time to level up and be an architect. An architect of a company of owners.

Architecting A Company of Owners | Company Culture By Design

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