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The Acting Like an Owner Workbook

How much stronger more profitable would your company or business be if everyone …

1. Showed up positive, energized, helpful and enthusiastic.
2. Had a clear, empowering, identity that drove performance.
3. Focused on performance, possibilities, progress, and positivity.
4. Had an action mindset focused on making things happen. 

This workbook is a companion to the bestselling book A Company of Owners. It is a 12-week program to activate the above behaviors and more in every member of the team enabling your company or business to be more successful in every way. The learning, reinforcement, and exercises will enable everyone who completes it to truly Act Like an Owner.


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The Acting Like an Owner Workbook

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    Dr. Martin provides strategic insights to companies that empower them to increase their Employee Engagement Exponentially, Create an Epic Culture, Build Better Leaders, Increase Profits, and other vital metrics. He is out to Evolutionize work to make it higher performing, more soul-satisfying, profitable, and engaging. He produces highly engaging, meaningful, and actionable content that transforms the way people work, and experiences life and maximizes engagement in companies and organizations around the world. Dr. Martin's thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title of The Culture Architect. He acts as a Trusted Advisor and Executive Coach to business leaders at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses. He is the CEO & Founder of The Global Company Culture Association, a Global Keynote Speaker, and an Author. His WSJ and USA Today Bestselling book “A Company of Owners” has sparked a positive change at companies worldwide and has been called "Best book since Good to Great." He provides Executive Education for SMU. He resides in New Orleans, LA.

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