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Company Culture Expert Daren Martin

What We Provide

When I provide a keynote, training, after dinner talk, or Workshop, I craft my presentation to accomplish these three things.

  • Recognizable change in the participants demonstrated through new behaviors and thinking.
  • Higher performance from the participants which has a direct benefit to them and their company.
  • Memorable content which is used as a reference point moving forward.

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My Preparation Includes ...
  • Communicating with The Key Stakeholder to determine the ideal focus and outcomes.
  • Researching the Company and Industry to gain unique insights.
  • Site visit to a location(when possible).
  • A Phone interview with identified attendees to hear their perspective and issues.
  • Craft a Customized Talk based on all of the above.

With a Ph.D. in Psychology, extensive business experience, and engagements with a wide range of industries and companies ranging from small to Fortune 100 I can speak on a number of topics related to Company Culture, Leadership, Sales, Teamwork, Communication, Customer Service, and more.

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(feel free to ask about a custom-made topic for your group, theme, and needs).

A company of owners cover fixed

A Company of Owners

What if you had 100% high engagement at your company instead of the typical 29% Establishing A Company of Owners results in a company where everyone treats the company as if it were their own. Zombie employees become extinct while rock-star employees thrive throughout. A Company of Owners drives an increase in performance and profitability. 


  • Tools to Build a Company Culture that Attracts and Retains Top Talent
  • An Increase in Employee Engagement
  • An Actionable Vision
  • Increased Performance Throughout the Company
  • A True Owner Culture
  • Higher Profitability

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Act Like An Owner- Daren Martin

Acting Like an Owner

What if you could increase the performance of every person at your company? I identify the core behaviors of people who have an owner mentality and describe how they consistently stand out and separate themselves from the pack. This topic is perfect to inspire people to make themselves indispensable to any organization or company by Acting Like an Owner.


  • Increase in Owner Behaviors
  • Improved Morale and Attitude
  • Greater Initiative
  • Increase in Accountability and being Responsible 

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Sales Training - Keynote Speaker

From Sales Person to Trusted Advisor

How do you go from a transactional sales person to a “The sky’s the limit” trusted advisor? Sales people are only as good as their last transaction whereas trusted advisors are partners with their customers in an ongoing relationship. Learn how to move from transactional sales to the coveted role of Trusted Advisor. Have your business partners calling you – not the other way around.


  • Bigger and More Lucrative Deals
  • Repeat Business
  • Problem Solving vs. Product Pushing
  • Increase in Customer Initiation

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Reinvent Your Company


Are you tired of resistance to needed change and hearing phrases like “That will never work?” The digital age has ushered in massive change and many companies and individuals have no idea how to swim in the new ocean. I establish the burning platform regarding why today more than ever is “Grow or Die”. I reference recognizable companies that failed to reinvent and what it cost them while outlining what you and your business can do to not only NOT be on that list but to drive the market. Leverage these tools and learn to strategically Reinvent for current and future success.
Targeted Outcomes:

• Increased Commitment to Making Meaningful Changes
• A Commitment to Reinventing
• Increased Innovation and Collaboration
• More Actionable Ideas

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Increasing your Influence: Communicate So People Listen and Engage

Become skilled at how people truly work. Learn to speak their language for optimal effectiveness and influence! I train participants to effectively use a tried and true communication model that has been used all over the world for maximizing communication and influence.
Targeted Outcomes:

• Dramatically Improved Communication
• Understanding Communication Styles and How to Speak Them All
• Reduced Conflict
• An Increase in Collaboration and Productivity from Teams
• Clearer Communication

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The Science of Gaining Instant Rapport with Anybody, Anywhere Training

The Science of Gaining Instant Rapport with Anybody, Anywhere

People form an impression of you (and by association your company) in a matter of seconds. Potential customers make conscious and unconscious judgments about whether they like you, would do business with you, and want to connect with you. I demystify the science of rapport and examine strategies for how you can gain instant rapport with anybody, anywhere.
Targeted Outcomes:

• Increased Influence
• Increased Buy-In of Objectives
• Greater Likability
• Improved Rapport Skills

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think/WOW – Customer Service

How would you like to have a business that results in raving fans and word of mouth promoters? Customers don’t want to simply be “cared for. Customers what to be wowed! “WOW!” inducing Customer Service is one of the biggest differentiators in today's economy and can be the single best way to outperform your competitors.
Targeted Outcomes:

• Higher Customer Satisfaction
• Increase in Customer Referrals
• Raving Fans that Promote Your Business
• Better Reviews and Recommendations

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Leadership Keynote Speaker

The Limitless Leader

How much stronger and better would your company be if you had higher- performance leaders throughout? Great leaders drive performance, elevate everyone around them, produce quality outcomes, and increase profitability.
Targeted Outcomes:

• Stronger Leadership
• Higher Overall Performance
• People Bringing a Plan not Just an Idea
• An Increase in “Go To” Performers

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Daren Martin

The Culture Architect | Motivational Speaker | Author

Phone: +1 469 471 5548


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