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The Creativity of Order

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

People assume that strict processes stifle creativity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chaos stifles creativity, particularly when it comes to the business world. In a low process company many employees are running around with their “hair on fire” dealing with the latest dilemma of the moment. Helter-skelter environments are about survival and seldom do you see sparks of creativity emerging because there is just no energy or time for such luxuries. In contrast, a company that has clear and consistent processes is much better equipped for new ideas and improvements to emerge.

Toyota’s precision manufacturing process enables each worker to make, on average, 40 suggestions for improvements per year. There is a reason one of the most process aligned airlines, Southwest, is also one of the most creative AND profitable. Lego factories operate with precision allowing for the workers to spend much more time coming up with creative ideas.

One of the genius elements behind the franchise model is that a proven process has been designed, tested, and implemented. Franchisors are able to buy into a proven model (the smart ones adhere to it) while releasing their brain power to provide great service and superior results.

How to improve creativity in

your business?

-Build processes that work and deliver consistent results

-Do follow the leader

-Make things work so you can make things fun

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