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Write Your Book

We recently held our first Write Your Book Mastermind. Participants arrived early morning had coffee and then we dove right in. What kind of book are you thinking of writing and why? Everyone was unique some wanted to write a book to advance their career some wanted to take a new path and some wanted to write a book to share their story. Whatever the case writing a book is something everyone should at least consider doing. Whether it’s used as a fantastic business card or a legacy to leave behind it will change you. I am not a publisher or an editor looking to peddle my wares, just someone who has a lot of experience in writing and putting my books out and I was honored to be able to share my experience with them during these two days.

We had a few people who needed to write a book knowing it would change their life but they said alas I don’t have time for it right now, I’m to busy, I’ll do it later. But life is so that all we have everyday is today and we need to just do it. Did you know that if you write a page a day in a year you will have 365 pages (a whole book). I know from my personal experience that the day I stopped talking about what I wanted to do and started doing it, my life was forever propelled in a new direction. The group we had were engaged and educated people ready for the next step in their life. Some were high level business level executives, some where looking to make the lives of the people they interact with better and we even had a stay at home mom. I am so proud that everyone attended.

Are you ready to take the reigns and write your book? 

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