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Self-driving cars making owning a car a thing of the past within 25 to 30 years as predicted by Business Insider. ( 

But what about what’s happening right now. The way we work, play, grocery shop and go out has already changed. Today you can have your groceries delivered to your door. Gone are the days of carrying heavy groceries up the stairs to your apartment. People no longer need to drive to an office job. Many jobs have become remote and a great deal of people are going into business for themselves. We no longer need a car to go out, get around, party or even get to our doctor appointments. Thanks to companies like Uber and Lyft owning a car is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

My wife and I each own a car (I have owned cars for the last 35 years). Given where we live, Uptown Dallas, we recently realized we are paying insurance, car maintenance, vehicle registration etc. just to have our cars sit in the garage. The question for us is always to drive and worry about parking, valet costs, following directions, worrying about how much wine to have at dinner or just Uber for $5-$8? We realized one day that getting rid of both cars would save us thousands each year.

For many people car ownership is no longer necessary. Do the math ... if you no longer had a car payment, repairs, paid for parking, insurance, no longer worried about tickets, fines, inspections and registration how much money would you save and where else could you invest that money? We realized the savings could be better invested elsewhere.

So, who wants to buy our cars?