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Update Your System AT&T

I have been with AT&T for many years and am overall pleased with their service. This morning I spent 25 minutes on the phone with a customer service agent just to add unlimited texting for international travel. It should have taken 3 minutes. The representative was friendly and apologetic. What caused the delay?

Most of it was spent with her rebooting her computer and watching the wheel spin and spin and spin … If I had a dime for every time an AT&T customer service agent said, “I am so sorry but the system is moving slow” I would be a wealthier man. I call this friction and it is bad business. It is also costly. Imagine how many more customer service people they have to have on the payroll when a 3-minute call takes 25 minutes. It creates low employee engagement which also costs the company in lost revenue, missed opportunities, and more. It is inexplicable that a communications company is not providing their front-line representatives with fast technology. In this case a penny saved is a dollar lost. Looks like Beached Whale behavior to me! Fix it!