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Time Is Relative

A New Year. For many this means a chance to declare your resolutions, evaluate how you did on the resolutions you set for yourself last year and take in the fresh new air of a new year full of possibilities and dreams. For businesses, it’s often a time to have that new year staff meeting where you congratulate those who helped the company meet its goals and hand out marching orders for the new goals ahead that were planned in November and December.

For most companies, the year end is where the celebrations happen, when goals are either achieved or not and when evaluation reports are concluded. When we’re in school we are given deadlines much like the ones you see in every company sales department. Monthly, quarterly and yearly goals are set for each sales person but what we often notice is that people when given a deadline of a month, a quarter or a year tend to measure time differently and like most of us we are prone to procrastination when it comes to time set goals. We say to ourselves in March that even though we have not made a dent in our yearly goal by then there are still 8 months to get it done so no worries.But what if we stopped measuring time by the traditionally set year and started evaluating, setting goals and celebrating advance successes instead of waiting until the year is over? What if instead of waiting for the week before a term paper in due every college student finished their term paper the week after it was assigned? If they did all the work that quickly could the four-year time frame for your average BA become a thing of the past?


Likewise, could the year it takes for your company to reach its financial goals be achieved early?  Food for thought – If you have ever entered your email into a form online than you have received a marketing email, ever noticed that you get 5 times as many marketing emails at the end of the year? The largest amount of revenue a company brings in often arrives between the months of October & December why is that?


It’s because its crunch time, the week before the term paper is due so to speak. Now we can say that it’s because it’s the holiday season and people are buying gifts, new cloths for all the parties and so on, but what about companies whose products are needed all year round like insurance and banking, why do their new enrollments increase during this time, could it be that people are giving new bank accounts or life insurance as holiday gifts? Not likely. It is because of the psychology of time and the goals set within a company that are measured by a time frame that doesn’t have to apply in today’s fast-moving society. What if your sales team instead of waiting until the end of the year to meet their goal started meeting it at the beginning of the year, what if we took the time to celebrate meeting goals early and instead of the sales person who already met their goal early slowing down, what if they started helping everyone else reach their goals early? What would your company’s revenue look at the end of a year?  Likewise, on a personal level what if instead of saying to yourself my new year’s resolution is to write a book or lose weight you just went at it hard like a bull that saw red, how much more could you accomplish this year in comparison to the last?


Think about it.