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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Keynote Speakers

  1. Do you tailor your keynote to the audience and industry or have a set keynote you use for everyone?

    I have seen many canned talks that did not resonate with the attendees of the conference. A little research goes a long way in delivering a keynote that is on point and resonates with everyone present. Every industry and organization has their own language, pet peeves, challenges, and opportunities that need to be taken into consideration.
  1. Are you available throughout the day or only during the time of your keynote?

    It can be a great value add if the speaker is around before the keynote(to familiarize themselves with the group) and after the keynote to connect, answer questions, etc.

  1. Are you also available to do a workshop or breakout following your keynote?

    Some topics may benefit from a deeper dive with the speaker in a more intimate fashion. I have done this many times and it is a great way to expound on a topic.
  1. If you have books, are they available at a discount to our audience or for vendors and exhibitors as a possible sponsorship.

    Books are a better take away than cheap tchotchkes. You can drive traffic to a location by having them pick their book up at the designated spot signed in advance by the author or at a designated time with the author present.
  1. Do you have a follow up reinforcement piece we can send following the conference?

    A meaningful follow up video or handout reinforces the ideas shared in the keynote.

  1. Are you willing to do a brief video to make available to our attendees about your involvement at the event?

    The right video can get attendees fired up about the conference and create energy around the keynote and/or attract attendees to the conference when attendance is optional.

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