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When I was in college my coworker at Kroger graciously agreed to tow my dead Pontiac LeMans to the repair shop. I had never been towed but he seemed to be an expert. He wrapped a big chain around the back of his car and then around the front of mine. He pulled forward slowly until the chain was taut and then we were off. 

It was an uncomfortable feeling being pulled forward by this other car. I realized about halfway there that my foot had been on the brake the whole time to keep the situation under control.

I bit my lip and slowly lifted my foot. The impact was instant. Now instead of grinding down the street together we seemed to be gliding. When we got to the repair shop he said, “That was weird, the first part of the trip was such a strain but then everything suddenly got much easier.”

By the way, the end result? Now I also needed new brake pads.

Two Questions:

  1. Are you leveraging the energy and the resources of the people around you or out of fear are you slowing them down?
  1. What areas do you need to “let go” of to accelerate progress for the people around you, your company, and yourself?