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Established Today

“’Established 1906’ used to be important. Now, apparently, it’s a liability.”

  • Seth Godin, from Tribes

Established in 1854 McSorely’s Old Ale House is the oldest “Irish” pub in NYC. They serve beer using the original equipment in one of two ways, Light or Dark. We went there recently for the history, nostalgia, and experience.

Except in old pubs, I agree with Seth. Businesses, organizations, restaurants, etc are living breathing organisms NOT historical landmarks.

Who cares who founded the company. Who works there now? JC Penney was an amazing man. Penneys is in trouble today not because of him but because of those who came after him.

Who cares how many customers you have served. How am I being served right now?

Who cares what cool things you did in the past. What cool things are you doing right now?

“Established Today” Put that on the door of your building and on your website! It provides a constant reminder that a successful business is not about what you did yesterday (and yes I mean 24 hours ago). A successful business is about what you do right now.