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Customer Experience is Vital

Are you Focused on the Commodity or the Consumer?

Since our son Tucker (a three pound Morkie) joined our family we have discovered there are two kinds of pet stores. The first one is focused on the floor to ceiling commodities. When you walk in you hear a dispassionate clerk say something like “Let me know if I can help you with anything” Or, “We have a special on xyz pet food.” Unfortunately, this was our experience at the pet store closest to us at the Westend in Dallas. 

The second kind of pet store focuses on the true customer. From the minute we enter the door Tucker is the star of the show. The clerks are excited to see him and get to know him. They then let him pick his treats, chew items, and toys. If he sniffs it and turns his nose up. That’s a no. If he sniffs it and goes after it, it ends up in the bag. Such is the experience at Wags in Fort Collins and Dog Crazy in Carytown in Richmond. 

“This doesn’t apply to us, we are not in the commodity business.” If you sell a good, product, or service no matter how unique it may be you are in the commodity business. No matter how special you think it is, a similar thing is probably available elsewhere. 

The only thing that differentiates you in the market place is great Consumer/Customer Service. When you focus on what you sell, the product, you will often come up short handed. When you focus on the consumer, you are more likely to walk them to the door, smiling, with a bag full of stuff.