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14 Million to Call in Sick After the Super Bowl

7 Ways to Make Super Sick Monday a Success

The Super Bowl is a National event and evidently, the day after the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday. People party hard during the game, are hung over the next day and call in sick so they can lick their wounds or continue celebrating. It happens every year.

Companies have options on how to respond.

Option 1: Be punitive. Threaten employees who call in sick or just complain about the lack of commitment in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Option 2: Ignore it and just put up with it.

Option 3: Embrace it and join in the fun. How you ask? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Make Monday a half day to give people a chance to sleep in.

  2. Plan Super Bowl related activities at work. Create an interoffice competition and have your own office Super Bowl with a trophy on the line.

  3. Have people dress as their favorite sports team and give the winner of the costume contest tickets to the game of their choice.

  4. Replay the top 10 Super Bowl commercials while snacking and drinking any of the food or beverage from the commercials. Yes, that includes beer if the company allows it. Vote on the office’s favorite commercial.

  5. Make your own office Super Bowl commercial.

  6. Order stand up cut outs of some of the key players and bring in a photographer to take pictures of your team members with them.

  7. Buy team jerseys to give away in a raffle.

As The Culture Architect I would opt for number 3. Let me hear your ideas for making Monday memorable.

*Caveat. If you are in Philadelphia or New England I would just cancel work on Monday and then plan a day of celebration or mourning on Tuesday.