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I went car shopping for my daughter this morning. Halfway into the process my buddy returned my call from yesterday. Chris is a car buying ninja. I told him what I was wanting and he said, “I’m on it. I’ll research it this afternoon, come up with 3-4 of the best options, and tomorrow morning we will go get you the best deal possible on the best option.” Done and done. Now I am in Starbucks blogging rather than visiting dealership after dealership with limited experience and expertise hoping to stumble on a great deal. I told him I felt like Lebron had just stumbled onto my neighborhood court and asked if he could play on my team. He immediately changed it to Michael Jordan! I’m good with that. Friends are golden. Friends with expertise are platinum. If you don’t have those kind of friends, go get you some. If you do, use them. It will save you a lot of headache and hard work. By the way, as I am writing this another friend is doing a final edit on my next book.

Action: Make a list of your friends and what they are great at. What is missing?