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It was my fourth fire walk. It was bound to happen eventually. Last night, surrounded by 7,000 other people, I stood in line and watched as they poured out a fresh bed of coals. Through a little maneuvering with some good friends, we found ourselves waiting on the fire lane, 25 total, that Tony Robbins himself was running. I stepped up on the grass, Tony said something profound in my ear, and I launched myself onto the coals. I was completely “out of state.” My mind focused on the awesome experience of the man who has changed so many lives being the one to send me off. When I reached the other side, I had the feeling that, for the first time in 4 walks, I had been “kissed” by the fire.

I live 1.2 miles from the Dallas Convention Center, and I decided to walk home. When I got home, I discovered that I had indeed sustained a burn.

I woke up today with many texts from friends asking if I was ok and informing me of the media coverage about 40 people being injured at the event. Don’t bury the lead! 7,000 people WALKED ON HOT COALS last night ranging from 1,200 to 2,200 degrees. 40 got burned. ONLY 40. That means 6,960 walked unscathed.

I was one of the 40. I learned and grew more from that experience than the previous 3 “successful” walks. I learned what I was made of, and I, like many others, would do it again.

I could have stayed home safe in my living room, sipping wine and watching TV. I could have spent hours on the phone griping to a friend about how much I “hate my life” or “hate my job.” But instead, I ventured out to learn something, to do something, and to be something.

By the way, 100% of the people who chose not to make it off their couch to go to a life changing experience, who played it safe, who decided they have nothing more to learn, no more need to grow … 100% of them did not get burned. But they also did not experience the euphoria and impact of seeing thousands of people learn, grow, make life changing decisions, and yes, walk across a bed of hot coals just to prove they can do many other things!

Neil Young said, “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust.” Several years ago, I decided to make a change and start really living life, to stop talking about what I was going to do and actually start doing it. It’s been an amazing experience and trajectory. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one made of fire … and that has made all the difference.

Author of Whiteboard and A Company of Owners

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