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While writing my 3 morning pages (see the book The Artist Way) I wrote the following sentence. “There are LOTS of ways to be creative.” The word “lots” seemed lame so I began writing a list of substitutes. Limitless, abounding, immense, a plethora, multitude, slew, multiple … Use words with intention. We overuse (exhaust, wear out, overwork, parade out, pony show, repeat) certain words and phrases while leaving entire dictionaries of words (on the table, on the shelf, begging for attention, dying on the vine, waiting to be noticed, disengaged, atrophied, longing for the spotlight). So today, use more words. They are in (ample, plentiful, bountiful, abundant) supply and are one resource that is inexhaustible. We use on average 10-20,000 words. There are over 4,000,000 in the Oxford Dictionary.

Do this: Add one word a day to your vocabulary over the coming week and see how it impacts your life.