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  1. Conference room/ballroom doors that make a loud “Ca-Chunk sound when they close. If a loud band is playing in a party atmosphere it is no big deal but when a conference speaker or keynote is up doing their thing it is very distracting.

  2. There should be multiple outlets near the bed. It’s 2017. We must plug stuff in and we don’t want it across the room (how are we supposed to check Facebook and email when we roll over at 2 in the morning if our charging phone is not close by?) By the way, an outlet on a lamp that quits providing juice when you turn the lamp off creates major disappointment when you wake up in the morning to a dead phone you thought was charging all night.

  3. Internet. Provide it. Please, please, please, don’t make us log in every day. It is frustrating when you are trying to use an app and your phone just spins and spins and then says, “Cannot connect you to this app at this time.” What it doesn’t say is, “You are showing that you have Wi-Fi but your hotel internet has kicked you off again and is waiting until you try to login to a new website until it pops up that login screen yet again!! Don’t limit me to two devices (I at least need access for my iPhone, MacBook Air, and iPad). Make the log in process very easy and frictionless. By the way, I heard a large hotel chain talking to meeting planners about how much their internet cost them to provide every month. Funny they didn’t mention their water or light bill. Again, it’s 2017. Internet is the cost of doing business like any other utility. Build it into your financial model.

  4. We don’t want to check in or check out. Not at a counter anyway. The airlines have figured it out (kiosk and phone apps). Please do the same.

  5. Room keys should work. All the time, every time. No dead batteries, no “oh you demagnetized it” or, “Oh, your karma is bad…” There is nothing worse than lugging all your stuff to your room after a long day only to realize your key isn’t working and you must head back to the front desk.