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My buddy had “experts in everything” on his business cards for his consulting firm. It was either incredibly pompous or genius and true. I am going with the latter. We used to say “Jack of all trades, master of none.” The new saying should be “Jack of all trades, master of ALL.” In the age of Google and digitally accessible information there is not a subject that can’t be learned, a problem that can’t be solved, an issue left unresolved. And in many cases, you can tap real experts for these answers. We live in a diamond age when everything is quickly knowable. Use it. Capitalize on it. We are not quite to the Matrix plug in the back of the neck to gain instant expertise but that is where we are heading. With that in mind, I coined a term - Digenius. A digital genius.

An expert on everything due to the capability to search the digital world and be a quick expert on any given subject including solutions.