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Dr. Daren Martin was born in Louisiana but spent most of his growing up years in Bangkok, Thailand. He started an and ran his own company while working on his Master's degree and eventually his PhD in Psychology. After 20 years of running his own business he sold his company and began consulting Fortune 500 companies on Leadership, Company Culture, Sales Psychology and other topics. He has three grown children and was recently remarried.

Dr. Daren Martin is the author of the bestselling A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement and the hand drawn/written Whiteboard: Business Models That Inspire Action, as well as Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean and The Sink. A Company of Owners has been called, 'The best book I have read since Good to Great' by several C Level Executives. Whiteboard is being published in Thailand and was a favorite of the late great Leonard Cohen.

Dr. Martin's thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title The Culture Architect. He acts as a Trusted Advisor to business leaders at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses to create Owner Cultures.

You can hear his business musings on his podcast The Daren Martin Show.


Combining humor, thought provoking content, and a dynamic and engaging presentation style, Daren's transformational speaking has inspired audiences to action all over the world.

Dr. Martin researches each audience so that when he takes the stage he is ready to have a live real time conversation with everyone present. He does NOT use Power Point opting instead for stories, research, and compelling content, that leaves his audience actually doing things he talks about and applying his message for months to come.


Dr. Martin coaches leaders, executives, and people at all levels to implement the internal and external tools and resources that will propel them to maximum performance. He uses wisdom and techniques gleaned from his PhD in Psychology, running his own business, and providing performance coaching for leaders all over the world for 30 years. Please contact us if you are interested in coaching for you or your company.